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there are much rooms in the chat

gender icon Nabi
creator creator
time Gepostet am 2015.06.08, 08:52 Uhr          chart 3558 Besuche


all known that, created a lot of rooms in the chat and that is not nice

i have maked this poll! to clear what must we do ...

the options are so:

1. delete rooms and giveback coins!
2. get much coins for making a room for example 50 coins!
3. any user able to make one room
4. rooms are ok !!!

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gender Malul
gast gast
time Gepostet am 2015.06.08, 12:27 Uhr

now a space may itself make but if he is leaving him the space gone

Nabi Answer: yes, i think it's the best solution

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gender Breeze
active active
time Gepostet am 2015.06.10, 11:09 Uhr

I like Malu's idea, everybody can open a room and when he leaves the room, the room is gone.

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