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time Gepostet am 2015.11.12, 07:41 Uhr          chart 3115 Besuche

dear webmaster, I should ask for an explanation of why I have to re-register every time, every time my coins disappear and take my opportunities on the chat, be restricted? it has to interest anyone where and with whom I. in a shared living and I find it an outrage me why, apparently excluded as wölfchen, from chat
From wölfchen I will suggest you to associate the correct answer with goggle, then the user could retrieve there more background information and a better understanding of some of the solutions, or understand.
See C2000!
It would be nice if I did not have to be re-register again next time. Thank you

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gender Lisa
admin admin
time Gepostet am 2015.11.12, 08:59 Uhr

wölfchen = mysterious stranger = airwolf = hungry vampire = wolfsblut
all diese nicks und noch viele mehr sind hier im chat reg., entscheide dich mal für einen.
du hast hier keine sonderrechte, auch für dich gelten unsere chatregeln !!!

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