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gender icon Lisa
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time Gepostet am 2016.01.07, 15:50 Uhr          chart 1851 Besuche

An alle User, hier bitte nichts reinschreiben !!

gender Lisa
admin admin
time Gepostet am 2016.01.07, 17:10 Uhr

Maxxwell 2015.09.05 :
My suggestion, more games here !!
status: soon...

Quiz-Kalle 2015.12.20 :
The number of quiz questions should be visible on the home page, more users would attract.
status: soon...

Shadowforce 2015.12.23 :
How about if each user himself could give a user the status remains forever, which would be for one-time costs 500 coins.
status: the problem solved free

Rebellin ohne Grund 2015.12.26 :
When you reach a new user status gives additional coins as a reward for their loyalty.

status: soon...

Quiz-Kalle 2015.12.29 :
for a certain number of coins a background image "buy". the bottom of the screen one can record the user's nick.
status: i can't understand !!!

Quiz-Kalle 2015.12.30 :
the nicknames of the Bronce- and Goldmedalists have the same colour!
Can you change one of these nick-colours please? green or gold like Mods or S-mod
status: SOLVED

Drömmelchen 2016.01.04 :
I want to please the game "Battleship"
status: haha!! not possible

Rebellin ohne Grund 2016.01.06 :
an image gallery for each user would be nice,
Images must not be always uploaded, they have been always at hand
status: soon...

Jackass 25 2015.12.26 :
[/color]My suggestion, installing a radio and make as DJ music, user wishes come true.
status: soon...

Hasal 2016 01.07 :
Nabi, Please start a new quiz round
status: SOLVED

Davinchi61 2016 01.08 :
not think it's OK, that is cheating the quiz ,please start the quiz from scratch
status: SOLVED

Regenbogen Fee 2016 01.08 :
It occurs to me that from 00 clock, the quiz no longer works correctly,
unfair play, please start a new quiz round
status: SOLVED

Pittiplatsch 2016 01.09 :
I'd like a Peace Smiley and weightlifters smiley
status: soon...

gender Lisa
admin admin
time Gepostet am 2016.01.09, 17:54 Uhr

Regenbogen Fee 2016 01.09 :
suggestion, the user Nicks in the lobby should also be colored.
status: SOLVED

Pittiplatsch 2016 01.09 :
better smiley survey, the smileys should be sorted
status: soon...

Quiz - Kalle 2016 01.11 :
Nabi please restart the quiz-game. Its better for fairness. And its better for fairness too, because we have a lot of new users here in
cleefchat they also play the quiz-game, but they launched later.

The new users/quiz-gamers and the remaining ones have the same chances by starting a new quiz-round.
status: SOLVED

Shadowforce 2016 01.11 :
Nabi please restart the quiz-game.
status: SOLVED

Dina 2016  01.21 :
a wider variety of user actions would be great,,
happy, sad, black sheep, Daydreaming, sour, bitchy

neela 2016 02.08 :
I find TicTacToe in a field 9s pretty barren, because, just against a computer, anyway can never win. How about, instead of TicTacToe with Minesweeper or Sudoku?

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gender Lisa
admin admin
time Gepostet am 2016.03.03, 14:17 Uhr

Kanzler 2016 03.03:

The EM approaches. How about a betgame? Mostly the women are there doing when comes to major events in football. Reward for correct advice I let you

Flohwalzer 2016 03.01:

For Forum is advantageous whenever the latest entry comes first.
So constructed as an American CV in which always comes the last job first.

This facilitates the user to read this.

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